Whitepaper about Distributed Ledger Technology

A Whitepaper published on 7 September 2021 explains the technical and legal framework for applying the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

The Whitepaper is divided into four parts,  corresponding to the four core pillars of the DLT:

  • Configuration (synchronisation of information on- and off-chain)
  • Consensus (interoperability) between protocols
  • Custody of digital assets
  • Transactions (transfers of assets)

Document: website of digitalswitzerland (PDF, 2.6 MB)


Sustainability becomes more important for enterprises, also from a legal perspective. Harald Baertschi was recently involved in two publications about this topic. In a contribution to a Festschrift, he examines the legal qualification of social entrepreneurship. The second article has been prepared by an interdisciplinary working group. It examines the sustainability reporting and proposes a new Swiss Code of Sustainability Reporting. The transparency regarding sustainability issues and an increased comparability – thanks to a standardized reporting – help to promote a sustainable development of the economy.

Responsibility for Social Entrepreneurship (PDF, 2.3 MB, in German)

Swiss Sustainability Reporting (PDF, 1.5 MB, in German)

Qualified Electronic Signature on Blockchains

Project regarding the compliance with the legal requirement of the written form in Blockchain applications

Press Release of ZHAW (PDF, 72 KB, in German)

Diagram by ZHAW (JPG, 64 KB, in German)

CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies) Financial Market Regulation

Dates: August to December (15 days/30 half-days, 12 ECTS credits)

Language: German

Direction: Prof. Dr. Harald Baertschi

Further information and registration: www.zhaw.ch/zus

Flyer (PDF, 315 KB, in German)

Project “Regulation of Virtual Currencies”

Swiss National Science Foundation – Project no. 100011_162442

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Harald Baertschi

Further information (PDF, 116 KB)